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Do You Need Hearing Aid Repairs?

Hearing Aid Repair

As a hearing aid wearer, keeping your devices in excellent condition is paramount. However, even with the best intentions, it is possible that your hearing aids will succumb to wear and tear. When a problem arises, your hearing care provider is the best person to help get your products back to their best.

Hearing aid repairs don’t have to be the expensive and time-consuming process you fear. In fact, you may not even need a repair job in the first place. Here’s all you need to know about restoring the devices to their former glory.

Troubleshooting common problems

Before rushing off to the hearing care provider, you should examine the hearing aid to check for minor issues that may have altered the performance. The most basic issues to look for include;

  • Power: First, you’ll need to check that the device is switched on (you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to accidentally switch off). Secondly, you should check to see that the battery has power and is positioned correctly.
  • Volume: It’s equally easy to accidentally turn the volume up or down. Inspect the volume control to check that it is set to the appropriate level for your requirements. In some cases, turning it up may even compensate for a slight additional hearing loss.
  • Fit: In addition to checking the device, you may want to ensure the fit is still secure and comfortable. As you age, your ear shape can change, making a new fit necessary for the best listening experience.

Visiting a hearing health professional

If the basic troubleshooting fails to fix the problem, it’s likely that a repair will be needed. A professional hearing care provider is the only person that should be entrusted with this job.

Hearing aid repairs can range from very simple tasks like replacing the tubing on a behind-the-ear device or replacing the battery to far more extensive work such as replacing parts of the amplification system. Some jobs can be completed immediately at your hearing care provider’s office, while others will require the device to be sent off to the manufacturer.

The most important thing, however, is that the device is calibrated and restored to its best to provide you with the clearest sound possible.

Repairing cosmetic jobs

Damage to the device won’t always relate to the performance. Cosmetic issues also require your attention, although not all of them will warrant a repair. After all, paying money out to repair a scratch or weary-looking part is a waste of your hard earned cash.

On the other hand, pieces that have become pushed out of position or shape may cause discomfort while wearing the device. Given the frequency and duration of use, this will impact your quality of daily life. In some cases, it may even discourage you from wearing them altogether.

Once again, a hearing care provider is the best person for the job. Trying to fix it on a DIY basis may cause more damage than good. With the hearing aid repaired, you can get back to enjoying clear hearing and a more comfortable lifestyle.