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Top Hearing Aid Features to Consider

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The primary purpose of a hearing aid is to improve your hearing, but most modern devices offer additional features that are well worth considering. These additional features, combined with the essential amplification that hearing aids provide, can ensure that your transition to living with a hearing aid is as simple and hassle-free as possible.

There are dozens of different additional hearing aid features available across a range of devices, but here are three particularly noteworthy options you may wish to consider...

Bluetooth connectivity

One of the major issues people who wear hearing aids tend to experience is found when attempting to talk on the telephone or listen to music. Holding a receiver or smartphone to the ear can be challenging if you are wearing a hearing device, and the quality of sound you are able to achieve is limited.

If you opt for a hearing aid with Bluetooth connectivity, however, these issues never need be a concern. Bluetooth compatible hearing aids are able to wirelessly connect to an audio source - such as a smartphone or MP3 device - so that the sound can be directly played into the device itself. The technology is simple to adapt to and can really make a difference to your ability to conduct conversations and listen to music as you always have.

Tinnitus reduction

While it is possible to experience issues with hearing loss without tinnitus, the two conditions do tend to go hand in hand. Tinnitus is a an inner ear condition that means you "hear" sounds that aren't actually there; people with tinnitus often describe crackling, popping, or whistling sounds.

If you do experience tinnitus, choosing a hearing aid with in-built tinnitus reduction can allow you to achieve two aims in a single device. You will still be able to benefit from the amplification you require to correct your hearing, but the tinnitus reduction - which usually involves a continual loop of white, background noise - will ensure your life is as comfortable as possible.

Enhanced programming functions

Even the most basic of hearing aids tend to include programmable functions that can be preset for a specific location. For example, you could preset a "loud" program that is designed to provide extra amplification if you are in a busy area.

More advanced hearing aids take this basic principle and develop it. You can purchase hearing aids that will directly recognize when you are in a certain place, and will immediately switch to the correct program. For example, your hearing aid will automatically detect you are attending a busy coffee shop, and will switch to your "loud" program automatically. While this feature is not essential, it is nice to have, and can make adjusting to life with a hearing aid a lot simpler.

The three features above are just a glimpse at the additional extras offered by modern hearing aids, so it is well worth discussing your options with your audiologist prior to purchasing. A specialist will be able to guide you through all of the options available, so you can choose the hearing aid that is the best choice for you and your lifestyle.