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Hearing Aids

It is important for patients to acknowledge hearing loss as a healthcare issue. Hearing aid manufacturers provide products for all ages, even infants. Multiple brand choices have their own pros, cons and benefits based on the type of hearing aid available. Based on style, programming and custom fittings, no two hearing aids are created the same.

Styles of Hearing Aids

Audiology Clinics of Puerto Rico provides several different styles and sizes based on patient needs. Although professionals will make recommendations, it is up to the patients to make the decision. Choices can be based on comfort, lifestyle and even feature preferences. Invisible options are based on compatibility with the ears anatomy. 

Available Styles:

  • Invisible in canal (IIC)
  • Completely in canal (CIC)
  • In the canal (ITC)
  • In the ear (ITE)
  • Receiver in canal (RIC)
  • Behind the ear (BTE)

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Hearing Protection

Prolonged exposure to loud noise causes hearing damage. In some environments, loud sounds cannot be avoided. Hearing protection gives users a way to shield their ears from harmful noise without cutting off all sound. In work or hobby environments, hearing protection is sometimes necessary to get through a day.

Earplugs Available For:

  • Swimmers – Keeps water out of the ear and has a built-in floating feature
  • Sleeping – Get uninterrupted sleep and protection from snoring, loud noises or distracting ambient sounds
  • Musicians – Useful in music creation to hear all of the important notes being within a track 
  • Motorsport – Comfortable custom fit while wearing a helmet. Blocks out wind noise while traveling at high speeds
  • Concerts – Balances noise levels and allows the performer to hear music exactly like the audience
  • Surfers – Prevents swimmers/surfer’s ear by blocking out harmful elements
  • DefendEar Series – Hunter, Digital 2, Digital Shooter, Max, Convertible and more

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Hearing Aid Products and Accessories by Manufacturer

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth technology in hearing aids allows for a wireless connection between all compatible devices. That includes televisions, radios, smartphones, tablets, computers and more. 

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Cell Phone Accessories

Cell phone accessories

The telecoil feature enhances cellphones that prioritize wireless sound capabilities. Telecoils make up for a large part of the many accessories that are useful to hearing aid users. 

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Signia produces devices for first time and experienced hearing aid users. They currently operate together with the third largest hearing aid manufacturer in the world, the Sivantos Group. Their new product line includes industry-leading devices from the Pure, Motion, Silk, Insio and CROS series. Signia also offers hearing aid accessories, hearing software and wireless audio solutions for high end streaming. The company is one of the top brand recommendations after the hearing aid evaluation and testing phase. 

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