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What is a Hearing Aid Fitting?

Hearing Aid Fitting Appointment

A hearing aid fitting is an appointment that you have with your audiologist to take the next steps in your hearing loss treatment. This is an appointment that gives you the opportunity to talk to your audiologist about the types of hearing aids that are available, the technology to help you to hear and a chance for you to ask questions about the hearing aids that you need. It’s one of the most important appointments that you will ever have in the process of correcting and supporting your hearing. Hearing loss cannot be cured, but with the right support, you can amplify some of the sounds that you hear and get all of your questions answered. The appointment itself can take at least an hour and by the end of the session, you’ll have a marked improvement in your hearing.

Taking a step

Before you attend your very first fitting appointment, your audiologist will have pre-ordered hearing aids. Some hearing aids require impressions of the ear to be made so that they can be correct and comfortable on the ears. The audiologist will program the hearing aids to the right amplification to your comfort and hearing loss, and you’ll get quite a shock when your hearing aids are turned on for the very first time. You’ll finally hear everything you’ve been missing out on, which can be a rather emotional moment!

Testing, testing

Your audiologist will perform more hearing tests during the fitting, and while it can feel like you’re going through the motions, the tests performed can ensure that your hearing aid has the exact right comfort for you. Your audiologist will be able to balance the sounds through a thin tube placed in the ear, and the hearing aid placed in the right area away from the tube. The volume will be tested for your comfort on both soft and louder sounds.


A hearing aid fitting is more than just handing you new devices and sending you on your way. The audiologist will teach you the proper care and use of your hearing aid, and you will be shown how to insert the hearing aid, how to make adjustments to the sound, how to change the battery and even how to charge it. Every base will be covered during the hearing aid fitting and this is your chance to ask all the questions that you need to ask.

Adjusting to the new you

Your hearing aid fitting is going to hand you a lease on life that you didn’t know that you had. However, it can take some time to adjust to your new hearing aids. You won’t always get it perfectly right and you will be advised not to wear them around the clock at first. Gradually building up to wearing them full time is important, and if there are any issues, you should contact your audiologist.