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The Difference between Hearing Aids and PSAPS


Have you heard of PSAPS or personal sound amplifying products? You might have seen adverts on TV, or you could have been discussing these devices with a friend — one of the main selling points of these devices that they are relatively cheap. Indeed, you can pick these up in stores for less than you would probably imagine. But do they provide the benefits that you need and how do they ultimately compare to the typical hearing aids? Your audiologist will be able to explain this to you. But for now, it’s worth looking at the critical differences between the devices and what you should understand about each.

Which is better?

You might ultimately be wondering whether hearing aids or PSAPs provide the better deal and option on the market. Ultimately, you shouldn’t be looking at the price but rather the value that the device can provide. In terms of price PSAPs may come out on top, but for value for money, you definitely want to go for hearing aids. The differences between these products clearly show why one is better than the other.


The ads on TV will mention that the PSAPS can be used to boost your hearing. This is not the same as treating hearing loss. There’s a reason why the ad can’t make this claim because the device simply isn’t capable of that. Since the devices aren’t fitted by a professional, they can’t be used to treat a medical condition.

As such, you’ll find no mention of hearing loss or treating it for PSAPs. In fact, these are actually recreational devices.

What this means is that rather than being used for medical purposes, these devices are intended as a little fun. They elevate your hearing; they don’t treat hearing damage whereas hearing aids do.

Speech and background noise

One of the smartest pieces of tech contained in a hearing aid that will elevate your listening experience is the ability to distinguish background noise from speech. Hearing aids can do this because they can augment speech recognition. In doing so, it’s possible to discover differences in sound frequencies, and it’s a very advanced concept. In contrast, PSAPs are unable to enhance your experience in this way. They don’t have this tech, and it’s one of the reasons why hearing aids cannot be purchased in a bargain bin.


Another difference to be aware of is all about customization. When you get hearing aids, you can change different settings. This can be used to adjust the volume or how they work in various environments. For instance, how your hearing aid works in a quiet room should not be the same as how your hearing aid operates in a crowded space. Your audiologist will be able to help you modify your hearing aids to match your needs and ensure that they are providing the best quality experience possible. Hearing aids are highly technical and include a lot of different gadgets, including memory space. This does mean that you can save different settings and ensure that you are able to find the right option to match your needs.

In contrast, PSAPs are essentially a one-size-fits-everyone piece of equipment. This means that if the original settings don’t suit your needs, well you’re out of luck. Unfortunately, this means that the devices are again, not suitable for hearing loss. PSAPs are not able to accommodate all the different types of hearing loss that you may be experiencing.

Instead, PSAPs may end up distorting sound that you want to hear and instead provide you with an elevated level of background noise. This can lead to a very poor experience and ultimately not at all what you want if you are suffering from hearing loss.

New tech

Finally, you will find that hearing aids are filled with various different types of tech. A classic example would be Bluetooth. Most hearing aids on the market today can connect with different Bluetooth devices, mostly working as wireless headphones. This does mean that you can get the support you need for a range of different tech devices, including your TV and laptop.

We hope that this provides the information you need on the differences between PSAPs and hearing aids. If you are interested in learning more about Audiology Clinics of Puerto Rico contact Aguadilla: 787-882-8585 or Mayaguez: 787-834-0660. We’ll be happy to tell you why hearing aids are the best choice for your needs.