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When you’ve lived for a long time with hearing loss, you’re likely used to feeling frustrated by your inability to understand and communicate with those closest to you on a daily basis. Indeed, by the time you’re ready to make that first appointment with an audiologist , it’s likely that you’ve already lived with hearing loss for quite some time.

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A hearing aid fitting is an appointment that you have with your audiologist to take the next steps in your hearing loss treatment. This is an appointment that gives you the opportunity to talk to your audiologist about the types of hearing aids that are available, the technology to help you to hear and a chance for you to ask

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As a hearing aid wearer, keeping your devices in excellent condition is paramount. However, even with the best intentions, it is possible that your hearing aids will succumb to wear and tear. When a problem arises, your hearing care provider is the best person to help get your products back to their best. Hearing aid repairs don’t have to be

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The primary purpose of a hearing aid is to improve your hearing, but most modern devices offer additional features that are well worth considering. These additional features, combined with the essential amplification that hearing aids provide, can ensure that your transition to living with a hearing aid is as simple and hassle-free as possible. There are dozens of different additional

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