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How do you know you hear your best?

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Are you suffering from hearing loss? If so, then you should make sure that you speak to an audiologist sooner rather than later. They will ensure that you get the expert treatment that you need and more often than not, this will include hearing aids. Hearing aids are designed to ensure that you get the best quality of life, even when you are suffering from hearing loss. It will guarantee that you can still hold a conversation, listen to your favorite tech devices, and live the best life that you can.

That said, not all hearing aids are equal, and it tends to depend on whether they are providing the best support for your specific condition. You need to know whether you hear your best. An audiologist can help here and ensure that you are getting the most benefits from your hearing aids. Let's explore how they do this.

Different settings

Be aware that your hearing aids do have different settings, and many now have memory settings as well. Ultimately, this means that you can save multiple sets of parameters to provide you the best support in different situations. That's what hearing aids are. They are devices for the support you need to communicate during various parts of your life. But you won't always need the same type of support. For instance, you won't need the same boost for your hearing in a quiet room as you do in one that is loud and filled with noise.

In one room there might only be a couple of people talking to you whereas in another there could be sound coming from a range of different sources. Similarly, your need for hearing aid support is going to be modified when you go watch a movie or attend a concert.

With an audiologist, you can set up these different profiles the right way and ensure that they do provide the ultimate level of support. But that's not all. Hearing aids may also have the ability to direct focus. This means that you can set them to hear directly in front of you or next to you. That's also useful for a range of situations, and an audiologist will be able to show you how to do that too.

Right for you

You do need to think about whether your hearing aids are suitable for you. For instance, did you know that in the ear canal hearing aids are only suitable for those with mild to moderate levels of hearing loss? It's true, and that's why you need to make sure that you do speak to an audiologist. They will explore what level of hearing loss you are suffering from. When they have ascertained this, they will then recommend the right option for you. This could be behind the ear hearing aids. They do this by performing hearing tests and check how well your ears are functioning.

Be aware; it's essential to check in with an audiologist even after you have already been provided with hearing aids. That's because your hearing can change and will often gradually decline over time. An audiologist can make sure that you are always getting the ultimate level of support that you need. Aside from your hearing changing, it's also possible that your needs change too. You might find that you are now living a more active lifestyle. If so, it's possible that you want hearing aids that will stay firmly in your ear even when you are running. Or perhaps you want hearing aids that are waterproof for swimming. Believe it or not, this is a possibility if you speak to an audiologist.


One of the most critical aspects when choosing hearing aids is to make sure that they are comfortable. It's entirely possible that your hearing aids aren't at first. They could rub against your ear and cause sores to develop over time. In a case like this, an audiologist will be able to help. They might choose to replace your hearing aids, or they could decide to adjust them. The same is true for the sound produced by hearing aids. It's vital that the sound isn't too loud that it hurts or irritates you or your ears. This is one of the most important aspects of a hearing aid fitting that an audiologist will carry out for you.

We hope this article has helped you understand more about how to know whether your hearing aids are providing you with the best support. To learn more about Audiology Clinics of Puerto Rico contact: Aguadilla: 787-882-8585 or Mayaguez: 787-834-0660.