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Have you recently hearing ringing or other sounds in your ear? You might have asked people around you and quickly established that they can't hear it at all. This strongly suggests that you are experiencing a condition known as tinnitus . Tinnitus causes you to hear a sound that isn't actually there. This could be anything from ringing to buzzing

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Audiologists are often underrepresented in the medical world. However, they’re akin to optometrists and dentists; they’re experts in their fields and can provide valuable information and examinations to help with those areas of our body. They have an incredibly good understanding of the human ear and they know how it works, why it works but also the problems that we

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When you’ve lived for a long time with hearing loss, you’re likely used to feeling frustrated by your inability to understand and communicate with those closest to you on a daily basis. Indeed, by the time you’re ready to make that first appointment with an audiologist , it’s likely that you’ve already lived with hearing loss for quite some time.

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