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About Our Hearing Center

Audiology Clinics of Puerto Rico was established in 1976 to provide diagnostic evaluations and rehabilitation of hearing and balance disorders. We are now the largest center in the Caribbean, providing diagnostic evaluations and rehabilitation in the southern, western and northwestern coasts of Puerto Rico. Our locations throughout Puerto Rico enable patients to receive diagnostic and rehabilitative services frequently found in only the largest medical centers. Our constant attention to the rapidly changing reimbursement procedures for the new medical plans and activities enables us to provide these services under the coverages specified by most medical plans. As new owners, we are commited to maintain the excellence of service and care to our hearing impaired population.

We are dedicated to providing the quality of diagnostic and rehabilitative services which are required for persons suffering from hearing impairment. Our modern clinics with the latest equipment and programming are unmatched anywhere in the Caribbean. We invite you to visit any one or all of our clinics so that we can demonstrate our interest in providing the most sophisticated in diagnostic and rehabilitative services available anywhere. If at any time you have a special request or need, please feel free to fill out the forms included in this web site